The Distributed Persistent Memory Engine

MemVerge Distributed Persistent Memory Engine (DPME) is at the heart of Memory Machine. DPME manages memory allocation to volatile memory (DRAM) and persistent memory (PMEM) for all applications run under Memory Machine.

DPME maps programmatic memory calls to the MemVerge PMEM store. You must start the DPME process, mvmallocd, on the application server to take advantage of MemVerge PMEM memory management. See Starting the Distributed Persistent Memory Engine.

DPME does the following:

  • Allocates and deallocates PMEM among multiple running processes
  • Manages PMEM by implementing copy-on-write
  • Manages DRAM for applications that return all of their PMEM upon termination
  • Supports ZeroIO Snapshot technology by managing snapshots in PMEM
  • Provides information and statistics on PMEM usage