Memory Machine Call Home

Memory Machine includes Call Home functionality, which securely sends usage data to MemVerge for billing and support purposes.

You can allow MemVerge to monitor your memory usage by turning on the Call Home feature in the Memory Machine. With Call Home on, Memory Machine forwards the monthly usage alerts and logs report to MemVerge automatically for billing purposes.

Your Memory Machine usage information is strictly confidential, but if you choose not to activate Call Home, the monthly usage report is still used for billing and you are responsible for sending it to MemVerge. This applies to both Advanced and Standard licenses. See Understanding the Software License.

The Call Home usage data may also be used by MemVerge technical support, in conjunction with log data, to troubleshoot issues with your MemVerge installation.

Billing and support are the only purposes for which MemVerge collects your usage data. Your usage data is never shared with other parties by MemVerge. Contact MemVerge sales and support for more information.