Resetting a Host

Reset a host by removing all snapshot and log data and initializing the DAX devices. This erases the host's PMEM.

About this task

Resetting a host erases all of the data in the system, including snapshots and snapshot logs.


  1. Stop DPME. See Stopping the Distributed Persistent Memory Engine.
  2. Determine the file paths of the data and log directories. These are listed in the Memory Machine configuration directory file as DataDir and LogDir, respectively.
    For example:
    # cat /etc/memverge/mm.yml
    InstallDir: /opt/memverge
    DataDir: /var/memverge/data
    LogDir: /var/log/memverge
  3. Delete the snapshot data from the host.
    Note: Memory Machine Standard Edition creates the data directory even though snapshots are not supported in Standard Edition.
    Warning: Deleting the snapshot data directory renders all snapshots in PMEM irretrievable.
    For example:
    # rm -rf /var/memverge/data
  4. Delete the log data from the system.
    For example:
    # rm -rf /var/log/memverge
  5. Initialize the DAX devices. See Initializing Direct Access Devices.
    Warning: Initializing the DAX devices erases all of the DAX devices assigned to Memory Machine.
  6. Unpack the installer directory:
    # MemoryMachine-release-OS.bin --noexec --keep
    For example:
    # cd /root
    # ./MemoryMachine-20200911140634-rhel8.RETAIL.bin --noexec --keep
    Creating directory rhel8
    Verifying archive integrity... All good.
    Uncompressing MemVerge Memory Machine  100%
    The installer self-extracts a directory named after the OS. In the above example, the directory is rhel8. In that directory is a subdirectory called mvmm that contains the installation executables.
  7. Recreate the data directory structure by running the script. For example:
    # /rhel8/mvmm/
    The script recreates the data directory without completely reinstalling Memory Machine.