Running an Application in Memory Machine

To run an application with Memory Machine memory management, use the mm script supplied with Memory Machine.

About this task

MemVerge provides a "wrapper" script, mm, so that you can run unmodified applications in Memory Machine. For more information about what mm does behind the scenes, see Introduction to MemVerge Memory Machine.


Use the script to start an application under Memory Machine as follows:
$ mm -c|--config config_file app_name app_cl_parms
indicates an application configuration file that defines the Memory Machine environment to be used for this application instance.
is an optional file path to an application configuration file. See The Application Configuration File.
is the application CLI command.
are any command line parameters required by your application.
Important: If the application is attached to a terminal, you cannot capture a snapshot of the application in Memory Machine Dashboard. It is not enough to detach the application process from the command line terminal; standard input and output must be eliminated or attached to a non-interactive device.


A new application instance starts with a unique PID. If the application already has running instances or snapshots on the server, the new instance is added. You can view the application using the mvmcli show-usage command with the process ID option. See Showing PMEM Usage.