Uninstalling the MemVerge Memory Machine Data Service

Uninstall the Memory Machine data service by running the Memory Machine uninstall script, uninstall.sh.

About this task

For instructions on how to install MemVerge Memory Machine, see Installing MemVerge Memory Machine in Getting Started with Memory Machine.

To uninstall the Memory Machine data service, do the following.


  1. Stop the DPME service:
    # systemctl stop mvmallocd
  2. Unpack the installer directory:
    # MemoryMachine-release-OS.bin --noexec --keep
    For example:
    # cd /root
    # ./MemoryMachine-20200911140634-rhel8.RETAIL.bin --noexec --keep
    Creating directory rhel8
    Verifying archive integrity... All good.
    Uncompressing MemVerge Memory Machine  100%
    The installer self-extracts a directory named after the OS. In the above example, the directory is rhel8. In that directory is a subdirectory called mvmm that contains the installation executables.
  3. Run the uninstall script. For example, assuming the unpacked install directory is called rhel8 as described above:
    # rhel8/mvmm/uninstall.sh
    Start uninstalling your Memory Machine? [y/N] y
    Uninstall the Memory Machine found in /opt/memverge? [y/N] y