Upgrading Memory Machine

To upgrade Memory Machine, run the Memory Machine Package File on each host.

About this task

The same Memory Machine Package File is used to install or upgrade Memory Machine on a host. A command option is available to run the install script without prompting you for the configuration preferences. The script leaves your existing configuration files and installed directories in place.


Upgrade all the data hosts and the management center to the same version. Failing to upgrade all hosts can result in data loss.


  1. Stop all running application instances on the host. See Stopping an Instance.
  2. Stop DPME as described in Stopping the Distributed Persistent Memory Engine.
  3. Determine whether the data service, the management service, or both were installed on the host.
  4. Run the installer with the -- --upgrade option. Note the extra pair of dashes; these are required.
    # MemoryMachine-release-OS.bin -- --upgrade
  5. Respond to the confirmation prompts.
    Verifying archive integrity... All good.
    Uncompressing MemVerge Memory Machine  100%
    Do you want to upgrade data services? [y/N]: y
    Start updating the Memory Machine data service? [y/N]: y
    Respond yes to both of these prompts if you are upgrading the data service on this host.
    --> Performing pre-installation checks...
    --> Installing binaries...
    --> Installing libraries...
    --> Installing configuration files...
    An existing version of mvmalloc.yml is found in /etc/memverge.
    Leaving the installed version of mvmalloc.yml unchanged.
    An existing version of mvmallocd.yml is found in /etc/memverge.
    Leaving the installed version of mvmallocd.yml unchanged.
    An existing version of mvmlog_groom.list is found in /etc/memverge.
    Leaving the installed version of mvmlog_groom.list unchanged.
    An existing version of mvcsnapd.yml is found in /etc/memverge.
    Leaving the installed version of mvcsnapd.yml unchanged.
    --> Installing mvmallocd system service...
    --> Installing mvcsnapd system service...
    --> Installing mvmlog_groom cron service...
    The Memory Machine data service has been updated.
    Uninstalling the old mmagent service...
    Stopping mmagent service.
    Removed /etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants/mmagent.service.
    Existing mmagent path: /opt/memverge/sbin/mmagent
    Upgrading the mmagent service...
    Starting the mmagent service...
    mmagent service started.
    Do you want to upgrade the management center? [y/N]: y
    Respond yes to this prompt if this is the management service host.
    Uninstalling the old management service...
    Stopping management service.
    Removed /etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants/mmctl.service.
    Upgrading the management service...
    Starting the management service...
    mmctl service started.
    The management service is running.
    To launch the Memory Machine data service (requires root):
    1. Start the mvmallocd and mvsnapd system services:
          systemctl start mvmallocd.service mvsnapd.service
    2. Make the data service start automatically when the system starts (optional):
          systemctl enable mvmallocd.service mvsnapd.service
    To allow an existing user to use Memory Machine:
          usermod -a -G mvmm user-id
    Re-login is recommended for the user-id to enable its mvmm group membership.
    When the installer finishes, the Memory Machine software is updated on this host.
  6. Repeat this process for every host running either the Memory Machine data service or management service.