Introduction to MemVerge Memory Machine

MemVerge Memory Machine (Memory Machine) enables applications to expand from volatile memory (DRAM) into persistent memory (PMEM).

Memory Machine enables networked systems to take advantage of PMEM, increasing performance and making systems more robust – for example, by making system recovery easier. Memory Machine functionality includes:

  • A memory management service and a dynamically loadable library that together enable applications to access PMEM using malloc(), mmap(), and related calls in C and C++, without modifying the application.
  • CLI-based tools to manage memory services, view the status of memory allocation, and run applications under Memory Machine management.
  • CLI-based tools to capture and organize snapshots of running processes. Time to complete a snapshot is typically under a second and is relatively independent of the in-memory size of the application. (Advanced Edition only.)
  • Memory Machine Management Center, a web UI application that enables you to view PMEM and DRAM usage and to capture and restore snapshots. (Snapshots in Advanced Edition only.)