Running Memory Machine Services

Memory Machine data services must be running to enable PMem management, snapshot operations, and connection to the Memory Machine Management Center (M3C).

Data services are not started by the installer (in contrast to the management services, which are automatically started on the management host). The following services must be started in order to use Memory Machine data services:

  • MemVerge Memory Allocation Service (MVMAS), mvmallocd

  • Memory Machine Services Daemon, mvsvcd

  • Memory Machine cluster snapshot and snapshot replication service, mvcsnapd

These services should be configured to start automatically on host restart. See Starting Data Services.

You might also be required to restart some or all of these services for maintenance or troubleshooting.

Since MVMAS is the heart of Memory Machine, it is documented thoroughly elsewhere in this guide. See Using the MemVerge Memory Allocation Service. To understand how MVMAS works and what it does, see The MemVerge Memory Allocation Service.

Note: The Memory Machine management services, M3C (mmctl) and Memory Machine Agent (mmagent), start automatically after installation and on host restart.

M3C runs on one host. Memory Machine Agent must run on all data hosts sharing a multi-host license.