Memory Machine Platforms

Memory Machine can be installed on a range of physical ("bare metal") or virtual server platforms, either in a private data center or in a data center belonging to a cloud service provider. These platforms include the following:

  • Physical hosts that contain both DRAM and PMem

  • Physical hosts that contain DRAM only

  • Virtual machines that have access to DRAM resources and NVDIMMs (non-volatile DIMMs, which are virtual representations of physical PMem modules)

  • Virtual machines that have access to DRAM resources only

The procedures in this installation guide focus on the most common scenario: Memory Machine installation on physical hosts that contain both DRAM and PMem. These are systems with second-generation Intel® Xeon® processors (two-, four- or eight-socket servers) or third-generation Intel Xeon processors (two- or four-socket servers) coupled with Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory DIMMs (100 or 200 Series modules for second or third generation Xeon processors, respectively).

Additional processor types are supported for DRAM-only installations on either virtual or physical hosts. Installation on a virtual host that has access to NVDIMMs assumes that the Intel Optane Persistent Memory modules have been configured prior to the instantiation of the virtual machine.

If you are installing Memory Machine in a DRAM-only environment or on a virtual host, contact the MemVerge support team for instructions.