Uninstalling Memory Machine Management Service

About this task

To uninstall Memory Machine Management Service, log in to the management host and complete the following steps.

Note: You must run these commands as a privileged user, either by logging in as root or by preceding each command with sudo.


  1. Run the uninstall script from the Memory Machine sbin directory. For example, assuming Memory Machine is in the default installation path /opt/memverge/sbin:
    # /opt/memverge/sbin/uninstall.sh
    You are prompted to start the uninstall process and to uninstall the Memory Machine in the installation path.
    Start uninstalling your Memory Machine? [y/N] 
  2. Enter y.
    The script asks whether you want to uninstall the Data Service. If the management host is doubling as a data host and you want to uninstall the Data Service, respond y. See Uninstalling Memory Machine Data Service.
    The uninstall script prompts you to uninstall the Memory Machine Management Service.
    Do you want to uninstall the management services? [y/N]:
  3. Press y to uninstall the Management Service.
    Uninstalling management service...
    Stopping management service.
    Removed /etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants/mmctl.service.
    Note: The uninstall script does not remove the Memory Machine data directory. This is to avoid accidentally deleting snapshots and other data.