New Features in MMCloud Bondi 1.2.1 Release

Date Released

Released on 02-06-2023

Supported Clouds

MMCloud is designed to work on any cloud infrastructure. The Bondi release supports the following clouds:

New Features


  • Option to disallow public IP address on worker node

    The float submit command includes an option called noPublicIP to prevent a worker node from being allocated a public IP address. In addition to improving security, this option avoids the error condition that occurs when the Cloud Service Provider is unable to allocate a public IP address.

  • The float show -j <job_id> command displays private IP address when worker node not assigned a public IP address

Platform Improvements

  • Swap space automatically configured on worker nodes to extend the memory available to processes and help prevent out-of-memory errors.
  • The URI is assumed if <image_URI> omitted when using float image add.

Bug fixes

  • The command user passwd <user> --passwd <new_password> supported on Web CLI.
  • Swap space on the worker node helps WaveRider manage spikes in memory utilization. Out-of-memory conditions can still occur but the likelihood is reduced.