Issues Identified in MMCloud El Nido 2.2.1 Release

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Spot Instances are priced separately for each Availability Zone within a region. The OpCenter selects prices from one Availability Zone as the input for all the cost calculations shown in reports and in the OpCenter web interface. The resulting calculated costs can differ from the actual costs because there can be variation in prices across Availability Zones.
  • Response from the OpCenter web interface slows down when the OpCenter is under heavy load (for example, thousands of simultaneous jobs).
  • If a Jupyter Notebook is saved while the server is migrating, a "File Save Error" message is displayed in the browser window.
  • After a migration event, the user of a Jupyter Notebook must reconnect to the python kernel to resume using the notebook.
  • The Jupyter image in the App Library must be started with a user-supplied job script.