Cloud Service Providers

To use MMCloud, you need an account with a Cloud Service Provider.


Each of the global Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) offers hundreds of cloud-based services, ranging from general purpose computing and database systems to leading-edge capabilities such as Function-as-a-Service (serverless computing). The basic services are similar across CSPs although the terminology varies. To run containerized applications in the cloud, MMCloud uses several of these services. A working knowledge of the version of these services provided by your CSP is required to deploy MMCloud.

CSP Services Used by MMCloud

The following CSP services are used by MMCloud:
  • Virtual Machines

    CSPs group virtual machines into classes, generally based on the type of processor used. Within a class, virtual machines are distinguished by the number of virtual CPUs (cores), the amount of memory,and the CPU vendor. Each virtual machine type has a name, for example, c6a.4xlarge in AWS.

  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

    The VPC is a network of cloud resources that act like a private data center belonging to one customer.

  • Availability Zones and Regions

    To maximize the availability of cloud resources, CSPs distribute their data centers into geographically diverse regions. Within a single region, resources are further separated into zones — bounded by latency — so that if a resource fails in one zone, it can be replaced by an identical resource in another zone in the same region.

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)

    IAM is a service that allows you to control access to resources and authorization to perform certain tasks.

  • Persistent file system

    Access to a file system is required to load the virtual machine's operating system and is useful for storing data and results. The file system persists after the virtual machine is deleted.

  • Firewall

    Virtual firewalls control network access to resources by imposing inbound and outbound filtering rules. For some applications, such as RStudio or Jupyter server, an inbound rule must be applied to allow access to the container running RStudio or Jupyter server on a virtual machine.

  • Management Console

    To deploy and operate MMCloud, users must configure and view resources in the CSP's network. The interface that acts as the entry point for users is the Management Console. From there, users can navigate to other service-specific consoles and dashboards.

Terminology used by CSPs

Using CSP Services with MMCloud

The OpCenter runs on a virtual machine inside a VPC in the CSP's network. From there, the OpCenter selects, configures, and deploys the resources required to run the jobs submitted to the OpCenter. In some cases, the user must perform additional configuration tasks manually. Although the procedures are different for each CSP, the procedures always begin by requiring the user to log in to the CSP's Management Console.

Most OpCenter maintenance procedures can be performed by using float commands, but the procedures for instantiating or deleting the OpCenter must be carried out using the CSP's Management Console.