About This Guide

MMCloud OpCenter

MMCloud relies on the OpCenter, a server that you deploy on a virtual machine in a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) network. This guide provides instructions on how to install the OpCenter and how to use it to run containerized applications in the CSP's network.


To install and run MMCloud, you need the following.
  • Account with a CSP (such as AWS)
  • Working knowledge of the basic services the CSP offers
  • License for OpCenter

Most, but not all, jobs require a job script — usually in the form of a shell script — that you provide.

Supported Clouds

MMCloud is designed to work on any cloud infrastructure. The current release supports AWS, Google Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud.

How This Guide is Organized

The organization is as follows:

  • Background

    Provides an overview of the MMCloud architecture, cloud computing, containers, and job schedulers.

  • Getting Started

    Describes how to install the OpCenter, obtain a license, and run a workload using the web interface or the CLI (called "float").

  • Working with OpCenter

    Highlights common usage scenarios.

  • Exploring MMCloud Features

    Explains major features and how they work.

  • Working with Applications

    Details the configuration tasks required to use several popular applications with MMCloud.

  • CLI Command Reference

    Presents detailed information on commands available through the MMCloud CLI.