Configuration Files

MemVerge Memory Machine uses several YAML-formatted configuration files, installed in the /etc/memverge directory. Two of these, mvmallocd.yml and mvmalloc.yml contain user-configurable parameters.

These files contain YAML formatted configuration information:
is the Memory Machine configuration file.
Important: Do not modify mm.yml.
is the configuration file for the Memory Machine Agent.
Important: Do not modify mmagent.yml.
is the configuration file for the Memory Machine Management Service.
Important: Do not modify mmctl.yml.
is the configuration file for the MemVerge cluster snapshot service.
Important: Do not modify mvcsnapd.yml.
is the configuration file for the Distributed Persistent Memory Engine (DPME). See The Distributed Persistent Memory Engine.
is the application configuration file. This file controls how unmodified applications use Memory Machine to allocate persistent memory. This file can be copied and modified to apply different configurations to application instances. See Configuring for Transparent Intercept.

Besides the YAML files, the file /etc/memverge/mvmlog_groom.list contains the names of log files that Memory Machine periodically cleans up by removing the oldest records.

Important: Do not confuse the mvmalloc.yml and mvmallocd.yml files. Despite their similar names, they are two distinct configuration files.