Installing MemVerge Memory Machine

Install MemVerge Memory Machine (Memory Machine) data service on all hosts requiring memory management.

Installing and preparing Memory Machine for use requires these steps:

  1. On each data host, run the installation script to install the data service. See Installing the Data Service.
  2. The installation script is also used to install the Management Service. You must install the Management Service on one host. See Installing the Management Service. Exception: You can run Standard Edition on individual hosts without installing the Management Service. You must manage these hosts individually, however, and cannot use the Memory Machine Management Center's graphical monitoring capability.
  3. On all data hosts, format DAX devices, start the Distributed Persistent Memory Engine (DPME) service and configure the host to automatically start DPME on bootup. See Initializing Direct Access Devices.
  4. Use the Management Service to install an Advanced Edition or Standard Edition software license (see Uploading a License) – or – install individual licenses on each Standard Edition host (see Installing a File-Based License using the CLI).
  5. Authorize one or more users to the system. See Adding a User.