Getting Started with Memory Machine

You run Memory Machine on a host equipped with one or more PMEM devices.

To install and configure Memory Machine, you:
  1. Verify that the host meets system requirements. See Hardware Recommendations and Software Recommendations.
  2. Install the software. See Installing MemVerge Memory Machine.
  3. Ensure that the Memory Machine control services are running:

    • The Memory Machine Management Service (Management Service), mmctl
    • The Memory Machine Agent, mmagent

    For this and the next step, see Running Memory Machine Services.

  4. Start the Memory Machine data services:
    • Distributed Persistent Memory Engine (DPME), mvmallocd
    • ZeroIO Snapshot service, mvsnapd
  5. Ensure that the LD_PRELOAD and MVMALLOC_CONFIG environment variables are set when you run your applications. See Preparing to Run an Application and Running an Application in Memory Machine.